Work with Me


Are you a food brand, food producer, café, restaurant, deli or food festival and want to work with a former Retail Food Buyer? Do you want to build brand awareness and presence through an industry influencer? Are you looking for a targeted marketing campaign to reach early adopters and real foodies?

The MBA-qualified team at Northern Munkee Bites has over 50 years’ experience in the food and drink industry with roles in sales, operations and trading within high profile businesses. The team has a proven track record of coaching, mentoring and developing businesses at all stages of growth but has a particular passion for new business development and strategy.

Northern Munkee Bites is available to work with businesses at any stage of development and there are many different opportunities depending on your specific needs:

Product Review

Have your product reviewed by a former Retail Food Buyer with considerations on market positioning, packaging, price, brand and taste.

Restaurant Review

Have your restaurant reviewed by a passionate and experienced Foodie.

Competitions and Campaigns

If you need a more prolonged campaign Northern Munkee Bites can run competitions or features to increase your sales and brand awareness.


Northern Munkee Bites has a wealth of experience within the food industry and has the ability and know-how to work with you to develop brand or marketing strategies, sales strategies, launch plans or a bespoke category and market analysis.

For more information on any of the ways you can work with Northern Munkee Bites please send a note using the form below…