My Philosophy

I am a Food Adventurer and I want to invite you to join my adventure.

I will blog about my passions, thoughts and experiences on food from things I’ve seen, found and (most importantly) found interesting.

I’ve had some fantastic insight into food being taught to cook and experiment from a young age by my father, who is a Master Chef member of the Craft Guild of Chefs. My food journey developed further working for some of the world’s largest manufacturers and retailers when I left university. I now earn a living as a full-time Food Adventurer and a Retail Food Buyer, so I have the privilege of being exposed to some fantastic food on a daily basis.

It’s a really exciting time to be involved in food in the UK and the market is changing significantly. The recession has brought about opportunities for some amazing, niche artisan producers to push their on-trend products to the market which has lead to foodhalls, farmer’s markets, garden centres and more mainstream retailers filling their shelves with fabulous food.

My Food Adventure will bring you interesting food stories from beautiful retail products to hidden gem restaurants and exciting foodie events drawing on my knowledge and opinions.