Food subscription boxes have changed the way in which we consume and explore. You can now have your food adventures curated for you at the click of a button without much thought or need for involvement. As little as ten years ago it would have seemed fantastical to think that you’d be able to get your weekly meals delivered through your letter box, in perfectly portioned sizes and with an Idiot’s Guide to How to Cook; but now it’s not even considered a novelty.

In fact the market is that mature that it’s almost postmodern with brands like Ikea making a play for flatpack food, holding up a mirror to the deconstructed element of the category. So far Waitrose is the only mainstream retailer in the UK market to offer their shoppers a solution but surely it can’t be long before we see all others develop their own offering.

It’s not just full meal solutions that the Postie can bring directly to you now. It can be anything from a birthday cake and an afternoon tea to a cheese toastie and a whole cheese selection!

So, in this postmodern world of subscription boxes, what’s the next development? Well, I reckon the last box I was sent might just have that answer…

The Spice Pioneer

The Spice Pioneer is a monthly subscription service for food adventurers. This is a spice-based box with clear, simple instructions for how to create an incredible meal that would normally be inaccessible to a home cook.

Like a number of other boxes on the market, The Spice Pioneer is embracing the competent cook’s desire to explore and stretch their repertoire whilst holding the hand of the less experienced cook to walk them through the culinary journey. The premise of this box is in the personality of The Pioneer himself who has travelled the world to bring spices and cuisines back to your table.

Ok, so I’ll admit that up until now it all sounds a bit familiar with a couple of little nuances. So why have I put my flag in the ground claiming that The Seasoned Pioneer has found the next step in the market? For me it’s all about the Eatertainment.

The recession is something that I’ve referenced in a lot of my blogs as a major catalyst for a lot of recent, current and future food trends. One of the trends that came out of the economic situation was the fakeaway where people were favouring eating in over going out to restaurants. This meant that there was a need to create restaurant quality food at home. What was missing was the restaurant quality atmosphere. This is where Eatertainment comes in.

Now you may only see it as a subtle addition to the box but your monthly subscription with The Seasoned Pioneer includes a playlist, a postcard from The Pioneer from his travels and a full description of your meal.

For me, it’s this thinking that will signal a step change in the subscription box market. If it’s possible to bring the restaurant at home to create an experience you’re proud to invite your friends round for then The Spice Pioneer has cracked it!

Details: (£8.33 per month)

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