Here at Munkee Towers we’re big believers in giving back, paying it forward and all other similar altruistic concepts. The business world is vast and can be a scary place but there is a wealth of knowledge sat there just waiting to be mined.

So, in that vain, we’re launching a new platform for business owners to give business advice to small businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone else that may take an interest. We’ll be giving back on a range of topics from social media and advertising to handy business hacks and quick tips.

So whether you’re queuing for a bus, waiting for your coffee order or just killing time between appointments why not take a watch of our new Business Bites series:

Business Bites with CDX Business Bites with Coeur de Xocolat

Business Bites with The Smokey Carter Business Bites with The Smokey Carter

Business Bites with The Smokey Carter (pt2)

Business Bites with Funky Nut Co Business Bites with Funky Nut Co

If you have any questions about our Business Bites series or you want to be involved please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Northern Munkee.


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