Product Review: Troo Foods Granola

This is a breakfast-inspired blog and one that is close to my heart as I started off life in the commercial world working for one of the biggest breakfast food companies in the world.

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it is fast becoming the most forgotten meal of the day. I’m not suggesting that the trend is that people have stopped eating breakfast; however I am suggesting that it’s not a meal any more. The days of sitting around the table to eat breakfast are all but gone except may be on weekend, instead people are yearning for a more convenient and faster way to consume their morning meal. This trend has contributed to the success of cereal bars, breakfast biscuits and breakfast drinks.

I am a big believer in market innovation to drive interest and new shoppers so there’s no doubt that the explosion of on-the-go options has driven the category forward but I want to see innovation driven by creativity not convenience. The Grocer published a great article this summer in their breakfast feature which demonstrated some inspirational developments including a fresh take on black pudding!

There is a ray of hope for the breakfast occasion that’s being driven by health conscious audience as demonstrated in Eat Yourself Skinny’s blog.

Granola is playing a key role in this new movement with its versatile uses we just need more market innovators like Troo, a fresh granola subscription service, to come to the party…

Troo Superseed Granola

Rating: 8.5/10


Now it’s safe to say that I have never seen granola packaged like this before, but I have to say I love it. The ‘sealed-in-freshness’ appeal of the coffee-style packaging really adds to the appeal and branding. I also think the faintly stamped roundel calls up connotations of adventure and the exotic. I would question how this packaging would translate onto a retailer’s shelf (mainstream or specialist) as it isn’t clear what the product is or what it’s unique selling points are. However, as something that is intended to be received in the post I think it’s brilliant.


£6.99 (monthly subscription)– this is definitely market appropriate. A mainstream granola or cluster-based cereal can cost up to £4 for 200g so I have no issue with being charged a slight premium for a far superior product.


This is fantastic! The granola delivered a fantastic juxtaposition of textures and flavours from a generous blend of sweet, soft fruits and crunchy nuts and seeds. These notes were interspersed with a smooth, creaminess that developed from the oats and milk.

The final twist in the journey that this product took me on was an overarching cinnamon burst that held all the individual components together with a soft, sweet warmth. What a brilliant way to start the day!

Verdict – in a word, kick-starter! Breakfast doesn’t have to be a functional time of the day as there are now so many options available to us. As a foodie make a promise to yourself that you’ll plan your breakfast meal with as much consideration and care as you do an evening meal just once a week. Try something new, something healthy and treat yourself to a food smile at the start of the day!


So all that leaves me is to ask: what’s your favourite way to eat granola? Come on folks, leave me a comment below because sharing is caring.

Also, before you go take a look at my blog on another fantastic granola I reviewed earlier in the year; it offers something completely different to Troo but is just as inspiring!

Northern Munkee.


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