Product Review: Salubrious Sauce Company Original British Breakfast Sauce

I love a good table sauce but a really good one is difficult to find. We’ve been conditioned over the years by Warren Buffet’s Heinz (now Kraft Heinz) that tomato ketchup and brown sauce should be thin, lifeless and synthetic but that’s just not true!

There are a number of really brilliant sauces on the market now from companies like Tiptree, Great British Sauce and this one – Salubrious Sauce Co.

I was lucky enough to get hold of a bottle of their Original British Breakfast Sauce that I paired with some Heck Square Sausages (just to ensure I was getting the full British breakfast experience!) and this is what I thought…

Rating: 8/10

Appeals to: people like me that refuse to have the sauce dripped over their eyes when it comes to the real taste of our condiments!


The label is simple but does a perfect job and invokes thoughts of provenance, authenticity and quality. The bottle is thick and sturdy like any premium sauce bottle should be.


£4.25 – this is a little steep versus other products doing a similar job but as a rule of thumb the price point should be a quality indicator; this tells you that you’re not getting Daddy’s!


This is fantastic and just what I expected. It opens with a sweet tomato flavour that bounces into chunky dark fruits and the spicy notes finish off the palate with a light, tangy lift. Now not many sauces do this but this little flavour has the power to change the profile of the whole plate and it perfectly compliments any meaty breakfast.

Verdict – in a word, saucy! I can understand why you’d settle for less if you’re having a dirty breakfast to cure a hangover at a greasy spoon; anything else you’re just not doing your stomach justice!


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