Product Review: Mango Girls

So this review is perfect for summer preparation…adult soft drinks!

The adult soft drinks market isn’t immune to the craft and artisan revolution and there has been a huge influx of fantastic small producers coming to the market. This has driven a range of soft drink trends including retro, with brands like Fentimans, coconut drinks, lead by Vita Coco, and premium iced teas, with great brands such as Charbrew showing us how it’s done.

To compliment the new trends are those soft drinks that are doing old favourites and doing them well such as San Pellegrino; that is also the category where I see the Mango Girls…

Rating: 8/10

Appeals to: fruit lovers, tea-totallers or those who want a premium mixer!


The guys at Thorne Produce have done a great job with the packaging, it’s simple and not overly-pretentious. It also manages to capture some of the character of the brand without overkill. Perfectly appropriate for the category and the shelf.


£2.95 to £4.38 – this is priced perfectly for a premium soft drink, it doesn’t price itself out of a competitive market but it does set itself apart from the mainstream pretenders!


The USP is outlined here in The Mango Girls’ strapline: never from concentrate, we never add sugar. All natural fruit juices with fantastic flavours as you’d imagine; but a fruit juice is a fruit juice is a fruit juice, right? Wrong!

Blood Orange Juice

Just WOW! I love a blood orange, it has the right balance of tart citrus and super sweet fructose and this is captured beautifully in this bottle. This is the perfect drink for quenching thirst when the sun is beating down on you.

Apple and Alphonso Mango Juice

This tipple is different to the first with a sweet English apple blended delightfully with the exotic, smooth and rich mango. It’s not something that you could drink by the pitcher but it would be an ideal BBQ accompaniment.

Apple and Passion Fruit Juice

This is a much more delicate apple flavour than the one blended with mango and the passion fruit lifts the sweet apple notes to finish off the mouthful.

Alphonso Mango Puree & Passion Fruit Puree

These purees are fantastic little creations, perfect for adorning an ice cream or sorbet or even using as part of a cheeky cocktail. They are concentrated bliss!

Verdict – in a word, fruitful! If you’re going to a BBQ and still drinking J20 or Britvic 55 you need to have a quiet word with yourself – it won’t take long, just find a quiet room and a mirror (or a smartphone with a front-facing camera) and just tell yourself ‘I deserve better!’ These are fantastic fruit juices and well worth paying that little bit extra.


Northern Munkee.


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