Coffee Mini-Series: Bean Brothers Coffee Company

This is the final instalment in my three-part coffee mini series.

I love a good coffee. There’s nothing better than pressing pause, to recline in a chair sat outside a coffee roasters and watch the world whizz passed with the sun warming the side of your face. The smell that wafts from the door each time someone new ventures in is reminiscent of the cocoa plantation in a far off world. A coffee for me is more than just a drink, it’s an excuse to stop time and just relax.

Hot beverages was a category that I used to buy so I have a real passion for it and I find it fascinating the shift and improvement that the category has undergone. Britain is a nation of tea drinkers. Correction: Britain was a nation of tea drinkers. The hot beverages has seen a significant change with the rise of the coffee shop culture which has led to coffee overtaking tea in terms of value and frequency. Black tea has seen a dramatic decline and you can now pick up great quality black tea for about a penny a cup. Tea companies have had to react and focus on fruit teas, teas with inherent health benefits and teas with more focus on origin and provenance. Great! This is what we deserve! A hot beverage adventure!

Coffee, however, has stolen a march and is leading the way in the popularity of hot beverages. Like a lot of categories provenance and origins seems to be the dominant appeal for drinkers and people now know the difference between a good Arabica and a robusta. Now this opinion may not be universally agreed with but, for me, the surge in popularity for coffee can be attributable to Starbucks (and to a lesser degree Costa). Starbucks have found a way to charge £3 for a 15p product by creating a coffee occasion and giving a home to that excuse to stop time and relax. In turn, this has led to artisan coffee roasters emerging on high streets, in refurbished military trucks and even a reclaimed phone box (yes, it’s true

So now hipsters, yummy mummies, 20 somethings, 30 somethings, 40 somethings and 50 somethings have somewhere to meet through the day rather than a Wetherspoons or waiting for a more credible pub to open!

Right, enough of that! On with my review…

Product Review: Bean Brothers Boozy Gladys, Derek and Bernard

Rating: 7/10

Appeals to: coffee adventurers. There are some fantastic subtle flavours in these blends that may not be for the occasional coffee consumer but definitely appeal to a coffee connoisseur!


The packaging is very basic but effective and includes helpful tasting notes for the aspiring coffee aficionado. I really like the branding. It’s simple but very on trend and will definitely appeal to the coffee shop culture and consumer.


£4.50 to £5.50– this is a very reasonable price point for a hand roasted and blended coffee. No issue with the positioning here.


Boozy Gladys

The first thing I noticed about all three blends as I ground the beans was how dry and light the mix was. I’m used to a deep, dark and moist powder as the beautiful coffee aroma fills my kitchen. However, the Bean Brothers blend was much more dry, light and almost sandy in colour.

Gladys is a seasonal blend produced by the Yorkshire-based brothers and is designed to encapsulate the Christmas season, and I think it achieves that objective! The initial aroma is light and citrus with a coffee undercurrent. The first flavour that welcomes your lips is a light, red fruit and the earthy undertones wait until the finish to make their entrance.


Derek is another light blend with a sweet almond smell when brewed. The coffee taste hits you right in the face at the start of the sip but slowly fades into a smooth, creamy caramel to finish with a lasting dark chocolate. The bitter – sweet – bitter journey in the cup is brilliant.


This blend is my favourite of the three roasts with a familiar light and floral smell. This brew starts softer with a caramel introduction that is reinforced by crisp citrus notes. The coffee comes in late and strong like a reassuring backslap. This is a brilliant brew.

Verdict – in a word, adventurous! This is why I started my mini-series on coffee. I wanted to find and review different flavours and approaches in the same drink. The Bean Brothers have captured subtle nuances of the coffee bean to bring something different. OK, it may not be to everyone’s taste but if you’re adventurous, you’ll love it! Brew on Yorkshiremen!


Northern Munkee.


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