Nut Butter Mini-Series: Pinks Foods

This is the final installment in my Nut Butter Mini-Series exploring various nut butter brands from brilliant producers around the UK. I am a nut butter nutter – I love the stuff! I can eat it straight from the jar with a spoon, on porridge, in a quick butty or as an ingredient in a fancy meal.

The nut butter market has exploded over the last couple of years and, alongside chocolate, is supporting the entire spreads market in the UK. In recent weeks a catastrophic shift has occurred in mainstream retail that signals how shoppers have shifted their buying habits as Whole Earth overtook Hain Celestial’s Sun-Pat in the nut butter rankings. Now, Whole Earth, isn’t the best example of this new trend as it does contain nasties but this news is a great dipstick into what the modern consumer is now demanding of the fixture.

So what’s driving this surging growth in nut lustings? Well it’s partly due to health connotations and the protein junkies; it’s also partly down to the purists seeking foods provided completely by Mother Earth and, as much as we may not like this fact, we can also thank our cousins across the pond who’s love affair with nut butters is a daily rendez-vous!

Right, enough of that! On with my review…

Product Review: Pinks Foods Peanut Butters

Rating: 7.5/10

Appeals to: this peanut butter has a really different taste to anything I’ve tried before so if you’re a nut butter nutter like me, you need to try it!


The packaging and branding is brilliant. The subtle line-drawn imagery oozes handmade qualities with a cheeky winged-orange for good measure!


£4.50– this is what I’d expect to pay for a hand milled nut butter. Caveat emptor need not apply here; you know you’re getting quality because you’re paying a good price.


The flavour profile really is intriguing. It doesn’t have the initial creaminess that seep through other nut butters and there is a strong taste of the peanut skin which creates this unique taste. The fact that this is milled into the product fortifies the nutritional value with increased antioxidants, phenolics and fibre. The product still carries a healthy layer of nut oil to smooth the path down the gullet but the eat is very different to the other brands in this mini-series.

Verdict – in a word, intriguing! As a nut butter nutter I love the subtle nuances in flavour differences that the production process of peanut butters can emit and this certainly is an individual example. So if you consider yourself to be nut nobility then you must try this!


Northern Munkee.


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  1. Interesting review, I loved it when I tried it! Got it as a gift for easter from an aunty on the IOW – the chocolate edition is the winner for me! Great mini series!

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