Product Review: Barefoot Chilli Biltong

I’m starting to develop a keen palate for biltong and other meat snacks so it’s only right that I continue my quest to find the perfect on-the-go protein snack.

As I journey deeper into my quest I am realising that the hunger for meat snacks is growing amongst the early adopters; biltong and jerky are replacing hairy pork scratchings in bars in trendy spots up and down the country.

Rating: 7/10

Appeals to: meat snackers and protein junkies!


The packaging is great – it’s simple and let’s the product do most of the selling. The labelling is really simple but effective with the right cues contained within the background. I did find the packaging quite tough to get into, which as a 6ft 2′ former rugby player did mean that I lost man points! My only other criticism on the packaging is the branding itself. As a consumer it’s unclear who’s biltong you’re eating and you could be forgiven for thinking the brand was ‘Spiced ‘n’ Sliced’ as it is much bigger than ‘Barefoot Biltong’. This is only a minor point in terms of product delivery but in terms of brand building it’s a bit of a faux pas.


£3.90 – this is what I’d expect to pay for 100g of good quality biltong. It doesn’t come cheap but it’s well worth it!


The first thing that hit me when I eventually got through the packaging was the different smell that this biltong carried over other brands – it was very light and floral and not necessarily what you’d expect.

This is another dry biltong, which isn’t my favourite. However, I did learn from their website that you can specify how you want your biltong (from wet to dry) which I think is a great touch. Not only does it enhance the experience and quality elements but it gives the product a personal touch and leaves you thinking that ‘this pack was made just for me’.

Despite this particular pack not being my preference it was a vast improvement on the Raging Bull brand I blogged about which was dry all the way through the eat. This biltong just needed a few chews to release the flavours and the juices. The heat was quite gentle but it was enough to enhance the quality meat.

Verdict – in a word, wetdry! Meat snacking in the UK is still far more infantile than its counterpart on the continent and unfortunately, as a nation, we are allowing Peperami to lead the way in terms of market share. However, if we band together as a merry artisanal army we can resist low quality meat snacks and feast on quality biltong until we can’t chew any more.


Northern Munkee.


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