Product Review: Traidcraft Oaty Biscuits

This product review is inspired by Fairtrade Fortnight (29/02 – 13/03) and comes from a fantastic ambassador for the Fairtrade cause, Traidcraft. Traidcraft boast an exciting range of world foods that don the Fairtrade mark and support producers in some of the world’s poorest areas. So as a #FoodAdventurer it’s a double-whammy: you get brilliant hard-to-find foods and the knowledge that the supply is sustainable and fair, so you can enjoy it for longer – result!

The product I’m reviewing today also has a little more depth as it contains palm oil. Palm oil has become a dirty food in recent times with a number of people choosing to boycott any foods with palm oil. So why is it so bad? Primarily the production of the oil has a huge impact on the eco-system and is responsible for mass scale deforestation leading to endangerment of species as well as rainforests. However rest assured that the good people at Traidcraft aren’t turfing orang-utans out of their homes; this palm oil is from FairPalm so the Ghanaian farmers are paid fairly for their wares and the production methods work to develop the environment rather than destroy it. So you can enjoy this completely guilt free knowing that no humans, plants or animals were harmed in the making of your biscuit!

Rating: 8/10

Appeals to: snackers with a moral compass and a hunger for not just your average oat biscuit


Spot on. It’s simple and effective. The key messages are put across quickly and the main focus is the great-looking product. The streamline boxes also mean that they don’t take up too much room on a supermarket fixture or in you cupboard (not that mine lasted long in there).


£2.00 – in my opinion this is priced perfectly for a mainstream and ethically conscious shopper. This price point also serves to set it apart from some of the cardboard flavoured  biscuits that may be sat on the shelf near it. You need to know that you’re buying a better quality product!



Mature Cheddar Cheese

I really enjoyed these – I had to make myself put them down and step away from the cupboard! They are golden discs of cheesy goodness! You get a nice soft crunch as the biscuit breaks with a thud not a snap. The initial flavour is of wholesome buttered oats that is followed up by a rich, mature cheese that swamps the tastebuds. The perfect partner for a glass of red wine and some green grapes.

Black Pepper & Poppy Seeds

With this flavour you get the same soft crunch but the heat of the pepper starts to build as soon as you sink your teeth through the oats. The poppy seeds add a great texture differential giving a crisp crunch throughout. These beautiful biscuits would go perfectly with a light creamy cheese or dip.

Verdict – in a word, beautiful. Beautiful in every sense of the word. Oat biscuits can be a bit of store cupboard necessity and rarely exciting, but you can eat Traidcraft’s Oat Biscuits unaccompanied and without guilt. These biscuits won’t just make you feel happy but they’ll make the producers and some monkeys happy too – what’s not to like?


Northern Munkee.


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