Product Review: Leighton Brown Root Crisps

I’ve blogged on a number of occasions about the snacks category and it’s not secret that it’s one of my favourite categories. It’s dynamic, it’s fast paced and it’s exciting; I love it!

However, from a manufacturer’s, it’s a red sea of hyper-competition with some of the world’s biggest multinational corporations wading through it scaring away any brave minnows. Having said that there are examples of new entrants making their mark on the category and hurting the brand share of the big boys such as the continuously successful Propercorn.

So, like me, you love the category and you want to enter the market – what’s the best way to do it? Firstly, I’d say don’t play by the big boys’ rules. Don’t make a Cheese and Onion 32.5g bag of crisps – it’s safe to say they’ve got that covered thanks. Rather than focussing on what they’re doing focus on what they’re not doing or what they can’t do. These juggernauts are slow to move and not fleet of foot so if there’s a new emerging market trend jump on it and sail off on the current; they’ll just have to watch for a while, or at least until they can get the cap ex signed off!

This leads me onto my latest product review: Leighton Brown’s Root Crisps. Vegetable crisps aren’t a new thing by any means but they are becoming increasingly more popular. There’s a common misconception that vegetable and root crisps are healthy – they’re not. However it does add a completely different flavour profile and texture to a potato or corn snack and after all in this world, TASTE IS KING!

Rating: 9/10

Appeals to: snackers young and old; a snacker who cares more about his tastebuds than to assault them with a 20p bag of Oinks


The packaging is brilliant and a big part of Leighton Brown’s appeal. It has the premium matte colours juxtaposed with the retro, Napoleon Dynamite-esque typeface. The pack is shouting to early adopters: ‘try me, I’m the next big thing!’


£1.28 – this is a little pricey for 40g but I’d still say they’re value for money as the delivery far outweighs other 40g offerings. If you were sat in a trendy pub in the Northern Quarter in Manchester supping a refreshing IPA you wouldn’t hesitate to part with £1.50 for these.


Parsnip and Manuka Honey

The sweet soft crunch of the parsnip is enhanced by the rich and velvety Manuka honey as you first bite into the golden crisp. The garlic and soft spices gentle sweep through your mouth adding another layer to the flavour personality. You’re left with a smooth blend of herbs and spices as you dive back into the bag for another!

Beetroot, Horseradish and Dill

I’ll be honest -these are more of an acquired taste. However, they do deliver against expectations. The sweet beet is the starter, the horseradish is the main and the dill is a lifting dessert. The deep purple snack will really appeal to strong flavour junkies.

Sweet Potato, Cheese and Jalapeno

Wow! I think I’ve found a new favourite crisp! The nacho cheese that introduces the crisp is soft, creamy and delightful. It is then followed up by the sugars of the sweet potato and the acidity of the jalapeno. It’s certainly not blow your socks off heat but there’s enough to make you aware of it. These crisps are brilliant, it’s like a bowl of loaded nachos in every bite. On their own…this could have been my first 10/10!

Verdict – in a word, exciting! This is what the crisps and snacks category is all about. It’s not a done deal but the product is definitely right and, with the right strategy, Leighton Brown could be onto a winner. Watch out big boys!



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