Product Review: Whitworth’s Fusions Chilli Nutty Coco-Chaos

This post is a product review on one of my favourite category: snacking! The world of snacking is fast-paced, ever evolving and always exciting however, that doesn’t mean that all innovation is good innovation! In my role as a Food Buyer I saw hundreds of pitches from companies, big and small, with their idea of what the next big snacking movement was and how it was going to change the face of the category and add incremental value to my business. I can think of just one pitch that actually delivered on that claim in the snacking category.

I’m always looking for new things to review and new ways to enjoy snacking and I thought I’d found something tasty and interesting in Whitworth’s Fusion…

Rating: 4/10


Whitworth’s are a large business and the packaging is spot on trend as you’d imagine with a company of their size. The re-sealable foil, stand-up format is perfect for the sharing snacks category and gives it great impact on shelf. The pack imaging and messaging is also spot on giving the shopper a sense of the freshness of the food inside and captures the essence of what they’re trying to achieve with the fusion of flavours.


 I was disappointed by the delivery of this product. Fusion flavours and textures are right for snacking at the moment and there are many great examples of this working out in the industry; however, I think the flavour profile of this product missed. The ‘chilli’ element of the whole product was a very salty dusting on the almonds which didn’t blend well with the other flavours. The chocolate used was dark, which I think is the right format, but very powdery and didn’t melt to the touch or taste which indicates to me that it hasn’t been cared for in the production process. True to form the cashews and soft fruits were fabulous, as are all similar products from Whitworth’s. I persevered through the bag with a nice crisp cider but the most interesting thing about the whole proposition, the chilli almonds, ended up being discarded in the empty bottle.

Verdict – in a word, disappointing. I don’t want to be too downbeat about Whitworth’s as a company because their portfolio is really good, in particular their on-the-go Shots, but this just didn’t hit the mark. With a few tweaks to the flavours I think they could be onto a winner; perhaps a chilli chocolate as opposed to an overly salty dust.

Northern Munkee.


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