Product Review: Gloucester Biltong

I’ve reviewed a couple of different meat snacks now and I think I’m developing a keen taste for it, if I do say so myself!

Everywhere I go I see brilliant biltong in different guises whether it be seasoned within an inch of its life or packaged to appeal to the body building masses it’s a trend that’s not going away.

This review was a recommendation from one of my Twitter following. I love Twitter for lead marketing communications. It acts as a brilliant dipstick into the food world. Everyone’s a critic and the Twittersphere isn’t polite or bashful. It says what it likes and likes what it says. So, if you’re a tasty Twitter treat then I’ll take that as a good measure.


Rating: 9/10

Appeals to: the more discerning meat snacker, a connoisseurs snack


Now in my opinion packaging needs to be appropriate for its surroundings. Imagine this product sat proudly on a shelf in a deli, farm shop or fine food hall – it looks perfect. The labelling effectively calls out the products key features and shouts provenance. The silver foil used for the 40g packs is suggestive of how fresh the product is. Another thing the packaging does do is make it look a lot more appealing than its competitors in terms of portion size.


£2.50 – this price point puts the product at a premium versus the high volume competition such as Jack Links and The Jerky Group but it’s a realistic price when appealing to the hardened meat snacker.



The smell of well cared for meat hits you as soon as you open the packet and you know you’re £2.50 was money well spent! The slices of biltong are thick but soft so you’re not left chewing for 30 minutes. The seasoning wasn’t overpowering but left a nice peppery aftertaste. Although the beef isn’t fatty you get a smooth velvety texture as you dissect the meat and release the wonderful juices.

Naga Chilli

This portion looks the same in terms of thick slices but it was speckled with golden coriander seeds. It looks inviting and smells incredible. The taste is outstanding. The first flavour you get has fruity notes which makes way for the release of the velvety caramel of the beef and then finally a heat builds to engulf the back of the throat and tongue. It’s not offensively hot but it’s also not one of these products where you’re left wondering what all the fuss was about. This is a brilliant product and in fact I’m still eating the pack as I’m writing these words!

Verdict – in a word, outstanding. I have sampled a lot of biltong and my preference is normally ‘the wetter the better’ but I may have to reassess that assertion. This isn’t a wet snack but it is amazing. £2.50 might seem a lot for 40g worth of snacks but go and spend £1.25 (twice) on a Cruga Biltong and you won’t think twice about spending £2.50!


Northern Munkee.


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