Product Review: Yockenthwaite Granola

The breakfast category is going through a torrid time at the moment with the sugar tax putting big companies like Kellogg and Cereal Partners under a lot of scrutiny and a pressure to mend their ways. This has sparked a number of low sugar, low salt and low excitement products to reach the market place and, ultimately, bomb. The market reacted to a change in consumer habits by providing more on-the-go opportunities with breakfast biscuits, bars and drinks.

I think this is tragic. I love breakfast and I also believe that, as the most important meal of the day, it’s the best time to get energy into our bodies; so sugar isn’t the enemy, just too much of it is.

Granola is still a growing sub-section of the category which is being driven by a misconception that it’s healthy. It’s not healthy because you can only bind a cluster one of two ways: either with fat or with sugar. So you can’t avoid one of those ‘evils’. However, granolas are a good source of fibre, protein and slow releasing carbohydrates which, coupled with an initial sugar boost, is exactly what a morning meal should contain.

This review is of a product produced on an idyllic Yorkshire farm…how can a Northern Munkee resist?

Rating: 8/10

Appeals to: people who are fed up of boring breakfasts, people who see the benefit of a good snack or morning meal


This is clearly designed to sit on the shelf of a specialist food retailer. It looks handmade and small batch. As an artisan producer there’s no point producing a brilliant handmade product that looks like it’s been produced by a faceless corporate. The packaging is absolutely appropriate for the product and it certainly enhances its appeal.


£4.99 – this is on the expensive side but in this game you definitely get what you pay for and most granolas’ starting price is around the £3 mark. I don’t have any issue with this price point based on the quality of the product. Value for money and price are two very different things and this, for me, represents value for money.


Granola can be enjoyed a number of different ways: with milk, with natural yogurt etc. but I opted to eat it naked and just tore its top off and got in there!


This variant starts of with sweet chewy oats interspersed with crunchy bites. All of this sits on top of earthy notes provided by a deep honey flavour.


The cashew nuts in this pack adds a real creaminess to the rich honey and oats. There is a generous helping of whole nuts in this bag giving great texture variation.

Real Nutty

The nuts in this bag offer something different to the other variety as they amplify the earthy tones suggested by the dark honey.

Verdict – in a word, beautiful! A good granola is a thing of beauty. Well crafted and carved from wholesome, natural ingredients. Let’s save breakfast one grain at a time and serve it up in a bag of granola!


Northern Munkee.


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