Product Review: Charbrew Lemon Citrus Ice Tea

Now I should admit that this is more of a summer-time post but I was inspired when I went for a breakfast meeting with a friend in London this week.

The tea market in the UK is going backwards drastically with the trendy coffee houses fuelling the growth of origin-conscious coffee consumers which has brought about the shift in ‘share of throat’ (this was an awful phrase that suppliers used to use when I bought the Hot Beverages category). However Team Tea are fighting back and it’s the added value and more experimental flavours that are clawing back it’s popularity.

Charbrew is one example of a tea company leading the way to win back British hearts for the humble tea leaf (no cockney rhyming slang intended). Charbrew have a whole range of interesting and innovative flavours that can suit any drinking occasion. On the back of that, Charbrew have exploded into the soft drinks market with their own ice tea focussing on no added sugar and all natural ingredients, setting it apart from its tooth-hating competitor, Lipton.

Review: 9/10

Appeals to: tea-lovers, thirst quenchers and the health conscious


The team at Charbrew have done a great job with their branding picking out all the key cues on pack. The imagery gives the product a sense that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously but delivers simple, natural flavours. The bold colours utilised make sure that the product stands out in a sea of noise that is the soft drinks fixture.


£1.69 – this is a higher price point than other drinks of this size from large manufacturers but this is a completely different proposition and would appeal to a different shopper. A product that sells at this price also puts value back into a heavily traded category so, I say, let the big boys fight it out at £1!


I have to admit that I am, predominantly, a coffee drinker but this is spot on! It tastes fresh, clean and satisfying. The density of the tea flavours are lifted by the light lemon tones.

Verdict – in a word, spoton (that’s not cheating)! This is a soft drink for any time of day and any time of year. Just imagine, you’re sat out on your decking. The sun is high and the air is still. ‘Gimme Shelter’ is on the radio and you’ve got a cool glass of Charbrew Ice Tea in hand – spoton!


Northern Munkee.


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