Food Journey: Prestbury Farm Shop

It is my right, nay my duty as a #FoodAdventurer to seek out brilliant new food places that are doing their bit to promote local businesses and bring great quality foods to more people. I am not one of these Foodies who is on a crusade against major Multiple retailers, without them the industry wouldn’t work, but I believe we should celebrate and support those purveyors and producers who believe in the greater good.

This Food Journey took me to a beautiful village outside of Manchester called Prestbury. The drive in isn’t what you’d associate with Manchester; I don’t think I saw one hoodie or one traffic jam! Prestbury is exactly the sort of place that a #FoodAdventurer likes to go hunting: it’s relatively devoid of big name brands but instead has well established, traditional shops that serve it’s affluent population.

From the outside Prestbury Farm Shop is a unassuming and inviting but don’t let the simple frontage fool you, the treats that are held inside are well worth stepping across the threshold for. As you can see from the pictures I took, they actively draw in a lunch-time trade by braving the North West weather and serving various meat sandwiches straight from the grill – what a great way to grab attention and entice the senses!

I was initially welcomed by brightly coloured, ripe and abundant fruit and veg which set the tone for the rest of my exploration. One side of the shop is dominated by an impressively stocked chiller with fabulously cut and marinated fresh meats. The opposite side boasts a great collection of locally sourced jams, rubs, sauces, drinks and seasonings. In my opinion this is the sign of a good food shop: one that supports local businesses and one that does some of the foraging for you. If I trust the shop I’m in I’ll trust that the products on sale are going to be of a high standard.

So I thought I’d put this theory to the test…

‘What’s good here?’ I’m sorry, a typically annoying, open and unsuggestive question.

‘The meat. That’s what we’re known for. It’s fresh and local, you’ll love it.’ The response came back quick as a flash from a fella that had the look of someone who took pride in his work. I liked that.


So I ended up buying to fully prepared spatchcock chicken; one with a smoky BBQ marinade and the other steeped in garlic and herbs. They were just £10 for both birds and I couldn’t wait to get these home for Mrs Munkee and I to try.

So how did they taste? Incredible! All I did was open the vacuum-sealed packaging and place the chicken in a large roasting dish and waited while the aromas enveloped my kitchen and built my anticipation. The delivery was outstanding. The chicken had an even and well-balanced marinade in both varieties with the BBQ dish suggesting a sweet, fresh-from-the-grill taste and the garlic offering a light, crispy coating to a succulent bird. The flavour ran through the full depth of the meat and made two brilliant evening meals, served with roasted vegetables and a simple onion rice.

If my trip to Prestbury Farm Shop has taught me anything it’s that a #FoodAdventurer should always keep their eyes open for potential foodie delights. This is a shop that could easily be missed if you’re swept up by the strains and stresses of daily life but let me assure you: if you have missed it then you’ve missed out. At both sittings of the Prestbury produce that I hunted and gathered, Mrs Munkee declared, and I quote, ‘I am going to be very upset when this ends’.  Looks like I’ll be journeying to South Manchester again!

Northern Munkee.


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