Product Review: Pudology

This product review is free-from inspired, which, if I’m honest, is not usually my bag but in the true spirit of a #FoodAdventurer…lead on!

The free-from market in the UK has undergone a major image change over recent years and the success of the transformation is demonstrated by the exposure the category now receives in mainstream retail with some major multiple retailers giving the category its own full aisle. Free-from used to mean free-from flavour with rubbery pasta and bread that tasted only of dust but now there is a plethora of fantastic tasting products using a wide variety of flavour substitutes such as coconut milk, quinoa and even cricket flour!

According to The Grocer one in five shoppers in the UK regularly shop the free-from section which rises to one in three of young shoppers. This revolution isn’t a fad it’s a lifestyle choice and the development of good quality free-from food is driving that choice an making it a credible option rather than a chore for the disappointed droves of lactose intolerant and suppressed Coeliacs.

Pudology is a great example of the revolution with ‘shhh…dairy & gluten free!’ as its tagline it represents what the category has become: great tasting food using alternative ingredients enjoyed by a majority; not a sub-standard offering endured by a minority. The family-run business is based in Cheshire, which makes their puds perfect prey for a Northern Munkee!

Rating: 9/10

Appeals to: people searching for an indulgent but permissible treat; ideal for a lunch box treat to pick you up throughout the day


The packaging is very effective. It’s not too busy but it gets a lot of important messages across by focussing on what’s in the pudding rather than what’s not in the pudding. The artwork has a nudge back to some retro imagery which would appeal to the free-from revolting youth. To further appeal to its target audience each lid contains a risqué, tongue-in-cheek message to encourage the consumer to make an emotional connection with the brand, very clever. The simple sleeve allows shoppers to see the fabulous product inside; any producer that is happy to have the product on show and doesn’t cover it up with packaging is a producer that has confidence in its product.


£1.99 – certainly on the more premium end of the spectrum for just 100g which would limit exposure into certain retailers but it offers a good opportunity to make some margin back versus other heavily traded products in the chilled dessert category.


Deeply Decadent Chocolate Pud

This was amazing! Your faced with a very thick, smooth chocolate dessert that is almost a ganache in texture. The first flavour to greet your tastebuds is an intense cream, which is quickly followed by a deep cocoa hit. The earthy chocolate notes loom and linger on your tongue long after you’ve finished the mouthful. As you reach the end of the pot there is a distinct change in consistency and the chocolate thins to a cool molten, chocolate magma.

Smooth Chocolate Orange Pud

This pudding has a softer texture with an immediate citrus hit from the orange flavours. This is quickly followed by the same great cocoa which blends to make a rich melting of superb tastes to leave a velvety finish.

Richly Indulgent Banoffee Pud

I love banoffee – so no pressure Pudology! It did not disappoint. The same beautiful chocolate sat proudly atop a sweet layer of a perfect banana and toffee puree with a salty, crisp, buscuity base. The three layers work really well as opposing textures in the mouth and the sweet, bitter, salty combination is put together in just the right quantities.

Simply Sumptuous Millionaires’ Pud

This is a repeat of the banoffee brilliance. The same consistently good chocolate, cradling a rich creamy caramel sauce supported by the juxtaposition of a salted base. Well done!

Verdict – in a word, revolution! This wouldn’t have been my first choice of pudding selection but I now realise that I’ve been missing out. These puddings are great and I would urge anyone to try them. I’m joining the revolution, who’s with me?




Northern Munkee.


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