Product Review: Yorkshire Oak Smoked Mayonnaise and Jamonnaise

This review is a Yorkshire-inspired post after a visit to Spuds and Berries Farm Shop in Brackenholme (nr Selby). If you haven’t already visited this example of what a good farm shop should be, then I would urge you to do so. The fantastic fresh display that greets you as you walk through the door will make you want to explore further, as I did, and seek out some hidden food gems! If you haven’t spent all your money on fabulous food in the shop then you should explore further into their café where you’re likely to be served some of the great products on sale next door. The staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. It’s a must for any Food Adventurer.

Rating: 7/10

Appeals to: someone that demands a little more from their dips and wants a different experience; food adventurers who aren’t afraid to try new things


My comments are the same for both products. The matt black labels and lids portray a sense of simplicity, class and quality. The distinctive pastel yellow contents of the jar make the label stand out well on-shelf giving it a good presence and visibility. The Jamonnaise product does a brilliant job of communicating the right messages to the shopper from the front of the product: ‘making boring food brilliant’ and ‘a devilishly clever mayo combo of chilli jam and rapeseed oil’. What more do you need than that? My only negative comment would be that the Yorkshire Oak Smoked Mayonnaise fails to communicate any USPs to the shopper; you actually have to work quite hard to tell it’s rapeseed oil if you’re not well-versed botanist. Rapeseed oil has some important health benefits that, if communicated clearly, would broaden the product’s appeal.


£3.95 – this is exactly what I’d expect to pay for products like this. It’s artisan, it’s different and that’s something that you should expect a premium on.


I tasted both products0 on their own and then with a water biscuit; please be assured that’s not how I usually enjoy my condiments but it’s the best way to ensure I’m not masking the flavours with a hearty skin-on chip!

Yorkshire Oak Smoked Mayonnaise

This is a great alternative to mayonnaise. It has a smooth creamy texture with an undercurrent of earthy notes that come from the rapeseed. Unlike the synthetic, unrecognisable mayonnaise that large manufacturers vomit into jars and force down the throats of de-sensitized consumers, this didn’t leave a sickly taste in the back of your throat; the creamy aftertaste sat and lingered softly for a while. The only drawback of this product is that I would have liked a more intense oak smoked flavour which would have added another layer to the mayonnaise. However the smoking process is quite a delicate balance and there’s always a risk it can completely overpower some of the other subtle flavours in the jar.


I loved this! It is layered to perfection in my opinion. The first flavour that hits you is the soft, sweet fruit which is succeeded by the earthy rapeseed and topped with a gentle chilli after burn. The intense cream, the delicate sweet and the subtle heat compliment each other really well. I can think of so many different uses for this product: as a dip, as a nacho topper, as a pasta sauce or to stir through a large bowl of hot, mashed potatoes.

Verdict – in a word, serendipitous! I’m really pleased with my fruitful trip to Spuds and Berries; I’ve found two products that won’t be sat in my cupboard for long! I may be taking a trip back to Brackenholme in the near future, I hear they’ve just taken a Raspberry Jam with Dark Chocolate!


Northern Munkee.


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