Foodies Festival: Day 2

So today’s Foodies blog is focussing on beautiful food products that I’ve found on my adventures in North Yorkshire.

As I was searching the colourful aisles of the Festival I turned a corner and the light that filled the room was obscured. I looked up to see what was shrouding the room and it was the imposing figure of a South African, ex-Bull and fellow Food Adventurer; and so my first food find is a carnivore’s dream…Limpopo Biltong! As an ex-rugby player I love meat snacks; they’re a great source of protein, easily accessible and great tasting. However, be warned: not all biltong is good biltong!

The stand looked phenomenal there were cured meats hanging from every possible space and the smell was incredible. Now, as I said, I do like my biltong and I know a little about it having looked after the category as a Retail Buyer. So, armed with a little knowledge and a lot of enthusiasm, I engaged with the man mountain. He boasted a plethora of flavour combinations including garlic, fiery chilli, biltong scotch eggs, biltong cheese and minced biltong. I was loving it. I opted for the Butcher’s Choice variety and ordered a £5 portion. That wasn’t the end of my interaction though as I was asked, ‘How do you like your biltong? The wetter the better?’ Yes, winner! For me biltong should be soft and melt in the mouth like a good carpaccio of beef.

So, did it deliver? Yes it bloody did! Even though I’m not in training any more I will definitely be snacking on Francois Van Der Zee’s biltong.

My other find of the day was a sweet delight from north of the border: a Maple and Pecan Brownie from Wood’s Brownie Co. Again I was drawn in by the engaging purveyor with his Scotch charm and quirky Pork Pie Hat! It was towards the end of the day and he’d clearly done a good trade as the selection was a little more limited than it would have been a few hours earlier; however, I was still in awe. The stand had a real craft kitchen feel and the packaging was perfectly on trend. Boxed and embossed and adding real value to an already great product.

I managed to wait until I got home to devour my brownie so I could enjoy it with a nice medium roast Latin American coffee – it was worth the wait. The brownie was exactly as it should be: crisp on top and moist throughout. The maple syrup added a creamy richness to the indulgent dark chocolate and the snap of the pecans gave a real texture difference on the eat. Brownie brilliance!

Finally, I just need to rate my lunch. Today’s lunch was provided by the guys at the aptly named ‘World Food’. I went for, what I thought was, a basic chicken wrap; how wrong was I! The wrap was a beautiful behemoth of world-food goodness. It was huge. Imagine the scene…one large naan bread, a smearing of hummus, a mountain of grated carrot, a handful of pickled turnip, a dash of sun blushed tomatoes, a pinch of coriander and a sprinkling of mint topped off with a couple of handfuls of shredded chicken and a network of garlic mayonnaise lines – boom! All this for £8 too, winner!

Roll on the final day in Harrogate.

Northern Munkee.


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