Foodies Festival: Day 1
I’ve been to a few Foodies Festivals over the last couple of years and I must say, I love them! They’re a fantastic day out whether you want to get boozy with the boys, take the Mrs for a different date day or just go and gorge with the family. For me as a Food Buyer it was great for foraging and seeking out local hidden gems. In fact I listed no less than four new suppliers after seeking them out at Foodies Festivals, for me it gave my stores and customers a point of difference to be proud of.
This month’s festive Foodies Festivals is in one of my favourite spots in Yorkshire, Harrogate. Unusually for a Foodies this was an indoor affair but Harrogate is the perfect town for it with the world-famous Betty’s Tea Shop sat proudly at the top of the hill. I decided I was going to pace myself at it’s a three day festival and spend some time at the chefs theatre. There were some fantastic, innovative and interesting chefs on show and I just want to share my highlights.
Firstly, Murray Wilson from Norse in Ripley. Now I must admit, I’d never heard of their restaurant but Rachel Green raved about them in her role as compere  so I listened eagerly. He was fantastic! I learnt more about Scandinavia in that 45mins than I have in 8hrs assembling a Malm bedside table! My next highlight was Rachel Green herself who was showing off her fabulous skills as the ‘canapé Queen’…I’m definitely going to try the mini frittatas this Christmas. The exuberant chef kept the audience engaged and enthralled throughout with her quick wit, handy tricks of the trade and beautiful food – well worth a watch if you’re there on Saturday.
My final highlight from the theatre was a demonstration by Master Chocolatier David Greenwood-Haigh because it was perfect for a Food Adventurer. David cooked two indulgent savoury dishes using chocolate as an ingredient: Yorkshire venison with a rosti and a rich chocolate sauce and a white chocolate and crab risotto. Chocolate has increased in popularity amongst Foodies over the last few years with provenance becoming increasingly important. David paired two fantastically simple dishes with two complimentary chocolates and walked the audience through the subtle nuances. Really enjoyed this.
Before I sign off I want to take advantage of the eclectic street food on offer and rate by lunch each day of the festival.
Today I went to see the Indian Street Food Company and ordered a Shish Kebab Naan. My food was hot and ready within three minutes of ordering and beautifully presented. The soft mince kebabs were nestled beneath a mound of colourful fresh salad and a handsome helping of curiously sweet raita. The salad had a handful of fresh mint, birdseye chillies and coriander which really lifted the, potentially, dense shish. I ate what I could with my wooden fork and then wrapped the remainder up in the floury naan
The meal cost me the princely sum of £7 and it was heaven on a polystyrene plate! Was it value for money? Probably not if you were just after something to soak up 8 pints of Stella, but if you want a real Foodie experience then it certainly delivered.
Roll on tomorrow Foodies…
Northern Munkee

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